Who we are

Utilities Disputes provides New Zealand’s government-approved dispute resolution service for electricity and gas. All distributors and retailers of electricity and gas are required to join Utilities Disputes.

Since 2001, we have handled over 60,000 cases (enquiries and complaints) about electricity and gas companies. Most disputes that come to Utilities Disputes are resolved between the parties. Utilities Disputes uses a wide range of techniques, including mediation and conciliation, to resolve disputes. Our independent, fair, and free dispute resolution service can be reached at 0800 22 33 40 or info@utilitiesdisputes.co.nz.

What we do

Utilities Disputes works to resolve disputes that have not been resolved by providers. When you contact us, we will ask if you have made the complaint to the provider.

We can help you at any stage of the complaints process.

Our goal is for parties to resolve complaints themselves. However, if the complaint is not resolved, either party can ask the Commissioner to make a recommendation. If a complainant does not accept the Commissioner’s recommendation, they can:

If the provider does not accept the recommendation, the Commissioner may make a determination. Determinations are binding on providers.

There are some types of problems that are outside of the Commissioner’s jurisdiction. For example, the Commissioner cannot look at complaints about the price of energy, or how much providers charge. The Commissioner can consider what information was given on pricing, and whether the correct price was charged.

The Commissioner can consider claims for amounts up to $50,000, and her jurisdiction can be increased to $100,000 with the agreement of the provider involved.

If you need assistance resolving a dispute with your electricity or gas provider, please contact us.