The Board consults with providers, members, and the public on matters relating to the way Utilities Disputes operates.

Scheme document consultation

11 May 2018

The Utilities Disputes Board will start round two of consultation on Monday 28 May 2018.

The consultation pack for round two, and how you can be involved, will be available on here following this date. 

Submissions received in round one are available here.

Thanks again to those who submitted in round one.

Heather Roy
Independent Chair of the Utilities Disputes Board

12 March 2018 

The Board of Utilities Disputes is consulting with providers, members, and stakeholders on recommendations from the independent review completed in 2017 and two Board proposed changes.

The consultation paper gives further context to the proposed changes. The consultation paper includes an appendix with questions the Board asks to help it decide which of the recommendations requiring scheme document changes it wishes to implement and how.

Closing date for the first consultation round was 5 pm on Friday 6 April 2018.

Electronic submissions in MS word format are preferred. All questions are included in the appendix, with space for submitters to answer and add comments.

Please send electronic submissions to

If you are not able to send your submission electronically, please post to: Submissions, Utilities Disputes, PO Box 5875, Wellington 6140, Freepost 192682

or fax to 0800 22 33 47.

Heather Roy
Independent Chair of the Utilities Disputes Board

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