Nanette Moreau presenting at Downstream Conference 2017

8 March 2017

Based on over 20 years involvement in the electricity and gas field, Utilities Disputes Commissioner Nanette Moreau presents her views on the main systemic issues facing the energy industry today. Even though there are more channels, core challenges remain. Failure to address these issues harms consumers and the industry. Solutions are within our grasp. The systemic issues are:

  • Non-cooperation among retailers, regulators, distributors and lines companies
  • Poor consumer engagement
  • Communication gaps when introducing any type of change
  • Inconsistent corporate (including small retailers and start-ups) good citizenship across all strata of society.

Supported by examples and extensive research, Commissioner Nanette Moreau’s talk will highlight specific, achievable calls to action for the entire industry.

The full Downstream 2017 programme is available here.