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Found a flat? Find your meter

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Congratulations on finding a flat! It’s now time to find your meter and take a photo, says Utilities Disputes Commissioner, Nanette Moreau. "The mission of finding, and settling into, a flat is not easy in today’s rental market," says Ms Moreau. "

Customer service, second most common issue in complaints

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Customer service matters! It makes a difference to your day, and not just during the holiday season. “As customers, buying any product or service, we sometimes need guidance and support. If things go wrong we want responses, and we want solutions."

$1697 power bill cut by 40 per cent after customer complaint

A woman who was handed a $1697 power bill has had it reduced by 40 per cent after she complained to Utilities Disputes.

Utilities Disputes welcomes Mark Gatland and Kyle Christensen to Board of Directors

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Utilities Disputes announces two new Board members.

$18,000 back bill shock: Contact Utilities Disputes

A back bill, or catch-up bill, is for energy used but not included in past bills. Back bills are a common issue brought to Utilities Disputes and can sometimes be unusually high: $18,481, for example.

High bill? Faulty meter? Contact Utilities Disputes

Meter-related issues are commonly looked at here at Utilities Disputes, together with billing and customer service issues.

Interview with Jessica Wilson, Consumer NZ

Interview with Jessica Wilson, Head of Research at Consumer NZ.

Utilities Disputes 2017-18 Annual Report released

NZ Herald reports on Utilities Disputes 2017-18 Annual Report.

Boosting financial capability with Tim Barnett

Former MP Tim Barnett now heads the organisation supporting the 198 free budgeting services in Aotearoa, all striving to make a difference supporting financial capability and empowering the 'client voice'.

No payments, but the power stayed on: 'Why was Mum allowed to rack up a $12,000 bill?'

A Napier woman wants answers after her mother was allowed to amass a power bill of $12,000.