Mary Ollivier

Commissioner + CEO

Mary Ollivier joined Utilities Disputes as Commissioner and CEO in February 2020.

Mary was previously the Director Regulatory at the New Zealand Law Society and before that the acting Executive Director from January 2018 until April 2019.  

Mary is a lawyer who has worked in law firms in Auckland and Wellington and overseas before joining the Law Society.  

Mary has been involved in legal regulatory matters at an international level and was appointed to the Joint Australia/New Zealand Standards Committee QR-015 to update the ISO standard Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations.

Neil Mallon

Deputy Commissioner

Neil Mallon joined Utilities Disputes as Deputy Commissioner in September 2020.

Neil is a lawyer who started his legal career working with complaints and fraud investigations in the banking industry. He has a long history of working with consumer complaints and the regulation of professionals. Neil spent time in the UK managing prosecutions and appeals involving the conduct of barristers through the Inns of Court and Royal Courts of Justice.

Back in New Zealand, Neil worked for the Teachers Council, leading their complaints and prosecutions team. He then spent 8 years with the New Zealand Law Society as National Complaints Manager, General Manager Regulatory, with responsibility for managing its regulatory functions, and was a member of its executive team.