Conciliation conferences - BSPAD

Utilities Disputes uses conciliation conferences as one of the ways of resolving disputes. A conciliation conference is a meeting on the phone or in person with you and the member. A Utilities Disputes conciliator facilitates the meeting. You may choose to have a support person with you.

What you can expect from a conciliation conference

Most conciliation conferences resolve disputes during the meeting or soon after. Here’s the short version of what you can expect:

  • Utilities Disputes arranges a conciliation conference on almost every dispute file
  • Conciliation conferences are not recorded. This enables a full and frank discussion
  • The conciliator assigned to the file independently facilitates the conciliation conference
  • The conciliator negotiates the time and date with you and the member
  • The conciliator prepares you and the member for the conciliation conference before the day
  • Conciliation conferences follow a clear process

The steps in the conciliation conference process are:

  1. Conciliator’s opening
  2. Parties presentations
  3. Agenda setting
  4. Issue exploration
  5. Option generating
  6. Negotiation and reality testing
  7. Closing

If you’d like to hear more about conciliation conferences please contact us.